Click Earners Review is a website that allows you to work & earn as an online virtual assistant. You can get paid to do freelance work, tasks & projects from home on behalf of companies. Here is my in depth review.

This is how they advertise their program:

When I stumbled upon their website it looked promising. I was looking for online work for a few months at that time so I decided to email them with some info and ask them what they could provide me with before I would sign up for another site. I had tried four different free freelance ‘work online’ programs (like Upwork) at that time that were a total disappointment so I was sceptical about this one as well. They answered me within a day and gave me an in-dept description how they could help me personally. I was surprised on how detailed and professional they were, unlike the previous programs I tried, they seemed like they really wanted to help me so I decided to give it a go to become a virtual assistent with them. I signed up and saw the potential they promised me in our communication so I paid the $27 fee for 12 month access to the platform.

As it turned out that was a pretty good decision. For the first time since I decided to work from home I’m able to get a well above average monthly income working part-time online without burning myself out. You choose the tasks/projects that suit you and decide your own working hours (full or part time). The great thing is that I can work from anywhere with an internet connection, not only from the comfort of my own desk. In the beginning I went with Paypal as my payout method. They payout frequently so that is very convenient if you’e looking to get paid quickly like I was when I signed up. After about a month I started to realise this new job was a keeper so I switched to bank transfers for my paycheck.

This is the right job for me at the moment. I’m able to make a very good living from home. If you think you would want this job consider the following:

1.Do you have reliable internet access?
2.Are you willing to work from home (full or part time)?
3.Are you able to work unsupervised?
4. Are you honest and trustworthy?

If you answered yes on every question there is literally nothing stopping you from making $25-$35 per hour by taking simple tasks and projects from home . The greatest thing about this website is that you can choose the tasks/projects that suit you and the hours are flexible. All you need is reliable internet access. No previous experience is required as full online training is provided by them. It is suitable for any age, ability and background.


In all honesty ClickEarners has been great for me. Because I now work for them I can hook you up with a link that will give you 50% discount if you decide to sign up with them. You can get your money back thanks to the 60 days 100% refund policy if you’re not satisfied. They don’t take any percentage of your earnings, only the small membership fee when you sign up. This fee is there for the personalised services they provide you with and it ensures them that only real and genuine home-based workers register unlike on all the free websites you probably stumbled upon before. Members easily recoup this fee once they’ve got started. I made this fee back in one hour of work on my first project.

If you do decide to sign up I wish you good luck with your new online career. I hope this review has been the way you start you on your new online work journey.

Sign up with a discount now and start earning from home.

In Summary:

  • Choose the tasks and projects that suit you
  • Work available now and on-going
  • You decide when you work — full or part time
  • We provide you full online training & support
  • You can earn per hour, day or project
  • Get paid in your currency by PayPal or Bank Transfer











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